Evaluation proposal

International evaluation to all country coordinators:
This evaluation regards the financial issues as well a general evaluation of the project in their own countries and the communication between partners.

The form of this evaluation will be prepared by Cesie and sent to all coordinators each 6 months.

International evaluation to the youth workers:
This evaluation regards the activities development, the educational process and the achievement of the objectives of the project. This evaluation will be based on the YWs’ own observations and the evaluations done with the group (see next point “local evaluation with the youth group”).

As well the YWs will have the possibility to evaluate their own development and motivation in work and to talk about possible difficulties and positive aspects.

The form of this evaluation will be prepared by Cesie and sent to all coordinators each 2 months.

It’s strongly suggested to the YW (Youth Worker) to do weekly/meeting or monthly evaluations of the youth group development.

Local evaluation with the youth group:
The evaluation with the youth group will permit to assess diverse aspects related with the group dynamics (motivation, internal relations) as well as with the activities (usefulness, interest, diversity, etc.). This way it will be possible to act according with the needs observed: it’s necessary to do other kind of activities?, is the group motivated?…

The form of this evaluation will be prepared by the youth workers themselves and will be done to the youth

group each 4 meetings (maximum).

The results of the evaluation will be sent each time in a report model Cesie will prepare.

The material from evaluation that YW have will be given to Cesie during the international meetings. This

material will be kept in order to show it to the Agency in case of monitoring.

Material Cesie will provide:

questionnaire to coordinators

questionnaire to YW

report model to youth group evaluation


each 6 months country coordinator and YW evaluation

each 2 months YW evaluation

each 4 meetings youth group evaluation

Special moments of evaluation could be organized in case it will be necessary.

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