Declaration of the First Global Women Can Do It Conference

Belgrade, Serbia November 16-18, 2007. We participants at the First WCDI Global Conference from 26 countries and 4 continents would like to express the importance of being together to strengthen women’s movements, solidarity and networking, to exchange experiences, best practice and challenges. WCDI programme is a partnership cooperation between Norwegian’s People Aid, the Norwegian Labour Party Women and over 50 national women’s organizations working together to contribute to gender equality and increase women’s participation in social, economic and political life. The programme is funded by the Norwegian government, which is fully committed to promoting gender equality. WCDI is a tool for mobilising women to contribute to changes in their societies and for establishing the democratic principles promoting peace, tolerance, solidarity, reconciliation, good governance including gender responsive budgets, women’s human rights and fighting violence against women. WCDI is a tool for holding governments and elected representatives accountable for implementing gender responsive programmes and policies. In the countries where it was implemented WCDI brought politics closer to the citizens, put on the political agenda issues which are important for women and enable their active participation in political life. We, the participants of this conference, are committed to continuing this work for equal representation and to putting the gender perspective on the agenda in the local, national and international community. The participants of the First WCDI Global conference want to express their solidarity to all women who still live in conflict areas, under occupation, as refugees or subject to other forms of violence. We, participants at the First WCDI Global Conference want to express our concern regarding the status of women’s human rights. We are demanding that our governments take up their responsibilities and sign, ratify and implement internationally and regionally recognized Treaties and Agreements, particularly CEDAW and the Security Council Resolution 1325. We demand that all governments put in place and implement national laws securing the protection of women from all forms of violence. We, participants at the First WCDI Global Conference urge our governments to provide equal access and control over recourses for both women and men, to establish funds for the political empowerment of women, and to work actively to achieve gender justice and equal opportunities for all in our societies

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