Communication strategy

As we discussed during the meeting in Palermo, we emphasise the importance of answering to the e-mails the fast as possible. Preferably in 3 days. If this is not possible we can understand, but it’s important that each of us try to follow this “rule”.

Channels of communication:
Cesie coordinators – Financial and legal issues
Cesie all the group of YW, Coordinator – Everything else connected with the project implementation and evaluation
YW YW – Exchange of practices and experiences
Youth groups from all countries – To meet each other and develop intercultural curiosity

1) E-mail
2) Platform
3) Telephone

Cesie coordinators
Cesie all the group
Youth groups from all countries

When in the platform (in the meanwhile on MSN)
Each 2 months (in occasion of evaluation)
Each 2 months (in occasion of evaluation)
When needed (manage the own meetings and platform)
When they want (the YW should stimulate this contact)
Cesie will inform everybody about the date of the meetings.

In the meanwhile the communication will be by e-mail weekly and telephone for urgent things.

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