ns4The mission of the Regional Development Center “STABILITY” is promotion of democratic principles and development of civil society by means of active involvement of the population of the region in social life.



Regional Development Center “STABILITY” began its activity in UTA Gagauzya in 2006.

The main directions in the Centre’s activity:

European integration
Conflict transformation
Community development
Economic empowerment
Corruption prevention
Strengthening of civil society
Gender equality

Present situation in UTA Gagauzya can be characterized by weakly developed constructive collaboration among local authorities, entrepreneurs and NGOs, as well as among NGOs themselves. Furthermore, there are the lack of opportunities for youth active participation in social life and absence of the gender equality in the region. Another important fear is a conflict situation in the constructive work between communities from different sides of Republic of Moldova involving UTA Gagauzya, Transnistria and district of Taraclia.

All the above mentioned facts served as a basis for creation of the Regional Development Center “STABILITY” that sets as the main goal improvement of the current situation in the region.

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