Making EVS and Youth exchange for all

ns1This Training Course “Making EVS and Youth exchange for all” aims to develop the skills and knowledge of organizations who work in the field of youth mobility and to stimulate the exchange of good practices and experience in order to increase the quality of youth mobility projects. Also it aims to spread knowledge to partners in the East Europe and Caucasus region thus strengthening their capacity to use the Youth in Action programme effectively and successfully. In the specific way the training course will offer the opportunity for civil society organisations from countries in Europe, East Europe and Caucasus region to develop new skills and competences in the project planning, implementation and management of Youth Exchanges and EVS. In addition the strong focus on collaborative learning means that good practices will be identified and shared.

The venue of the project is in Comrat, Moldova and will be from 11 to 18 May. There can be one or two representative from each country which may be youth leaders, EVS coordinators or supervisors; Youth Exchange coordinator or facilitators/Evs mentors or tutor; workers or collaborators with civil society organisations in Europe, East Europe and Caucasus region.

During the project participants will take part in many team building activities, they will exchange their opinions, experiences and reflections about different aspects of mobility projects, as how to write this kind of projects, how to develop a good EVS and Youth Exchange project, how to do a good financial management, how to do the recruitment of volunteers, etc. The project deals with many aspects of mobility and Youth in Action programme in order to give participants tools, skills, competences to do them in the best possible way and with positive and long term impact for participants.

Impact on the participants:
for those with little or no experience with the Youth in Action (YiA) programme, this TC will give them experience of working in an international environment;
better understanding of YiA programme;
acquired skills related to YE and EVS project planning, implementation and management;
gain intercultural knowledge of different cultures and working methods through the opportunity to share experiences and in informal moments.

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