Youth in action

Youth in Action is the EU Programme for young people aged 15-28 (in some cases 13-30). It aims to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union’s future.

Youth in Action is a programme for all! It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU borders, non-formal learning and inter-cultural dialogue, and encourages the in-clusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural back- ground.

The YiA has a world wide geographic reach including EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, the EU neighbours (Eastern Europe and Caucasus, the Mediterranean region, South-East Europe) and other partner countries in the world.

For more information consult the website:

A Youth Exchange is a project which brings together groups of young people from two or more countries, providing them with an op- opportunity to discuss and confront various themes, whilst learning about each other’s countries and cultures and reinforcing their feeling of being European citizens. These projects involve the active participation of young people and is based on a trans-national partnership between two or more promoters from different countries.

A Youth Exchange project has three phases:

plannin and preparation
evaluation (including reflection on a pos-sible follow-up)

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