1. Number of women in Moldova Parliaments 2005 (or earlier) and now
2. Number of women in Gagauzia Parliament 2005 and now
Gagauzia Parliament 2005: From 2003 to 2008 – 4 women, one of them became a vice-president of gagauzian Parlament.
Gagauzia Parliament 2008: 2008 – 5 women. From election in 2008 president and vice-president of gagauzian Parlament are women. That fact is a very important one for Gagauzia.

3. Number of women in local parliaments (average) increased from xx% (2005) to xx% (2008)
Gagauzia Parliament 2005: from 2003 to 2008 – 4 women, that represent 11,4 %.
Gagauzia Parliament 2008: from 2008 – 5 women that represent 14 %.

4. Number of women elected in the municipal parliament of the City of Chisinau increased from xxx (2005) to xxx (2008).
5. % of women candidates on the lists increased (comparation 2005/2008)
Election in Gagauzia Parliament 2008 – from 161 of candidates 27 were women,

that represent about 16 %
6. Gender Equality Act Adopted on xx (when?)
During 14 years of its existence Gagauzian Parliament did not initiate any law for providing gender equality in region.

7. Quotas for women introduced in the Electoral Lows (when?)
Introducing quotas for women in Gagauzia has its specific. In Gagauzia we have majority system of election in Gagauzia Parliament. Electoral districts are organized according to the number of mandates, i.e. 35. This electoral law restricts considerably women political participation in electoral process. This electoral law needs deep examination and cardinal modifications to be introduced in.

8. Gender Equality Mechanisms on National and local Levels
established on XXXX (when?)

9. Number of WCDI participants/trainers elected in
National/Regional/Local Parliaments
One of the WCDI- trainers of 2005-2006 years of project implementation was elected as a mayor, 6 women-participants were elected in local parliaments.

10. Number of new women NGOs established as part of WCDI networks and
follow up activities

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