Main Objectives of the Activity within EED “European integration information campaign in Gagauzia”


Promotion the EU integration among Moldova and Gagauzia community using democratic principles , respecting human rights, freedom to foster public awareness to decision making process and prevent the corruption.

1. creating NGO Committee at regional level
2. provide trainings for NGO leaders, civil activists, journalists, and officials
3. increasing transparency of regional power’s activity
4. monitoring of power institutions activity, public expertise
5. organize hosting of web pages of NGO Committee network in region
6. monitor the law making process and stimulate civil control.

As the project is at first stage there were the beginning of the visibility actions and it is planned 10 TV and radio actions in the future.
The project has increased the civil society organization’s advancement in decision-making processes by helping NGO leaders to improve their capacity to take part at the democracy development. There is weak collaboration among governments and NGOs in Moldova, Gagauzia and Transdnestria with EU institutions. Volunteer’s participation in freedom development process will provide open way of cooperation, establish the public control and improve transparency as well as open access to the sources of information about authority’s activity through collaboration between Moldavian and EU NGO’s.

5 members of Committee provided with methodological support necessary for a proper project implementation and reaching the final goal. Members are welcome to contribute the initiatives on how to improve EU integration in Gagauzia, choose leaders to be elected at Parliament campaign, elect facilitators for PRO EU parties and associations for EU integration. And Committee will prolong the activity after the Elections as a lot of EU standardization processes should be succeeded at national and regional levels.


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