“Civil Participation”

“Civil Participation”

“Civil Participation” with supporting of Black Sea Trust Foundation directed on monitoring of government activities and improving transparency of decision making process. Has been organised the informational campaign with carrying a lot of seminars for members of Parliament and government. 4 web pages have become as a result of trust building for the society. Continue reading


1. Number of women in Moldova Parliaments 2005 (or earlier) and now
2. Number of women in Gagauzia Parliament 2005 and now
Gagauzia Parliament 2005: From 2003 to 2008 – 4 women, one of them became a vice-president of gagauzian Parlament.
Gagauzia Parliament 2008: 2008 – 5 women. From election in 2008 president and vice-president of gagauzian Parlament are women. That fact is a very important one for Gagauzia. Continue reading

Framework of the Youth in Action program

- Lisbon Strategy
- European Youth Pact
-European Cooperation in the Youth Field
-Commission’s Plan D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate
•Previous programmes
-YOUTH FOR EUROPE (1989-1999), European Voluntary Service
-YOUTH (2000-2006)
•Consultation process
•External evaluations

•Promotion of young people’s European active citizenship
•Development of solidarity and tolerance among young people
•Fostering of mutual understanding between young people from different countries
•Improvement of the quality of support systems for youth activities and development of the capabilities of civil society organisations in the youth field
•Promotion of European cooperation in the youth field

General priorities
•European Citizenship
•Participation of young people
•Cultural diversity
•Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities

Tools for a new world

A courageous Italian social reformer reflects on the universality of lessons taught by his own efforts to bring change to a violent and stagnant society.

By Danilo Dolci

Until the age of fifteen, I made no particular effort to learn anything. I lived in a middle-class family and went to school year after year, paying rather more attention to the subjects taught by teacher I liked and less to the rest. I adored music, enjoyed reading, and was delighted when it began to snow and equally delighted when the weather turned warm and I could go swimming. Continue reading